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The WWE has been red hot as of late thanks to the incredible young talent that has recently stepped up in the spotlight. Sometimes, though, the biggest crowd reaction doesn’t come for a new guy. Sometimes you need an old favorite to really get that huge pop from an audience.

You can bet that Kurt Angle will draw quite a pop when he makes his WWE return.

Angle recently said that he has been in talks with the WWE regarding a return and that it’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Obviously, that is far from official, but I’m sure the WWE would love to have Angle back.

So what’s going to happen when the Olympic gold medalist gets back into a WWE ring? Here are five potential storylines for Angle’s WWE return:

Straight to the top: Angle challenges for the WWE title

Angle is a four-time WWE champion and is no stranger to being the face of the franchise. There are a few select guys who can come back and go right to the top of the heap. Angle is one of those guys.

There are even fewer who can come back and get a huge babyface pop or instant heel heat. Kurt Angle is one of those guys.

The sort of flexibility Angle brings makes an instant title run a possibility. Whomever the champion is at the time, whether it’s a face like Dean Ambrose or a heel like Seth Rollins, the title holder can have an instant rivalry with Angle.

Team Angle 2.0: Angle leads American Alpha

Back in the day, Angle led a team of incredibly gifted young athletes in Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Today, NXT has a similar team of athletes by the names of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable.

These guys have put on some incredible matches and have put themselves in their own class, as far as athletic prowess is concerned. The parallels to the old Team Angle are blatant, right down to their patriotic team name.

Could Angle be the guy who takes this team to the big show and puts them on top?

An old foe: Angle revives his old rivalry with Chris Jericho

I am of the opinion that the greatest intercontinental championship division of all time featured Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. These guys put on some of the best matches I have ever seen, and they did it without the top billing.

Both have captivated audiences as heels and faces, and wowed crowds with their athletic abilities. The "Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla" and the "Olympic Hero" have had some fantastic matches in the past, and I would love to see some more in the future.

A challenge to anyone in that locker room: Angle answers Cena’s open challenge

What a cool moment this could be. Way back in June of 2002, Kurt Angle issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room who he hadn’t wrestled before. That challenge was answered by a young, unknown and generically themed John Cena. Angle went on to win that match, but I’d say Cena went on to have a pretty good career anyway.

Today, we know Cena is no stranger to issuing open challenges of his own. Back when he was the U.S. champion, Cena would issue an open challenge every week on Raw. So what if he issues a challenge to anyone in the locker room and it’s answered by Angle? Talk about coming full circle.

Not only would would an open challenge make for one awesome moment, but it would also set up a big-time feud between two big-time stars.

An American hero: Angle returns to take the U.S. championship from Rusev

This one writes itself. It goes way back to the early days of wrestling. The big bad foreign guy disrespects our country until the heroic American comes in to put a stop to it. It is the longest running storyline that no one ever gets sick of, and one that will never go away as long as the U.S. championship belt is around.

Rusev is the latest version of the Iron Sheik. Though he has gone away from it a bit lately, part of his character is his hatred for America. The Bulgarian Brute is a two-time U.S. champion and possibly the biggest heel in the business today.

I mean, if you hate on America, you’re going to get some heat. So who makes for a better opponent for the returning American Olympic Gold Medalist? Angle vs. Rusev makes so much sense. I’m surprised it hasn’t already been booked!


What storyline would you like to see Kurt Angle have for his WWE return?


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