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Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen of The Fighter and the Kid Podcast graced the offices of last week and hilarity ensued.

The famously funny duo are on the road to promote their new web series The Fighter and the Kid 3D, which BTW isn't actually in 3D... tease!

According to Schaub they were approached by FOX (who were fans of their podcast) to write and film a pilot and 12 episodes for TV, which they gladly did.

"We had no resources and no time, but we worked really hard at it," Callen said.

Unfortunately FOX wasn't sure they could air it.

"They told us they couldn’t put it on TV, it’s too ridiculous," Schaub said. "We told them this is the only way we are going to do this. It’s either this way or the highway."

So they compromised and turned it into a web series, without changing the content.

"A lot of times when you make TV shows, there’s a lot of people in your ear telling you how you should do it," Schaub said. "My biggest concern with FOX was that this [wouldn't] be made for our fans. If other people dig it, great, but as long as our loyal fanbase likes it then we have done our job."

The series of episodes are sketch comedy-esque, rather than sitcom based and can be viewed on their site. But don't watch them when you are working because your boss will totally hear you laughing, not that I got caught watching them at work or anything.

Acting is no big deal for Callen who has been in the industry for more than 20 years, with IMDB credits as big as The Hangover, MadTV and How I Met Your Mother. But for Schaub, this is his first stab at being a leading man.

"I know stand-up comics who have been doing it 20 plus years and Brendan is funnier," said Callen of his podcast counterpart. "He has a real gift of humor. A really keen sense of humor. That is what is going to separate him."

Separate him from the cast of MMA stars making their leap into Hollywood, he means. The likes of Michael Bisping, Ronda Rousey and Rampage Jackson have all taken roles in movies while still fighting. Some more successfully than others.

"I wouldn't want to be lumped in with those guys," Schaub said. "I’m also not a fighter anymore."

Schaub says that he doesn't believe their roles are real acting anyways because they are usually playing a version of themselves.

"No one is really going out of the box," Schaub said.

"There’s a fundamental difference,” Callen said. "You almost always see fighters with some sort of costume on, with a gun and they are front kicking someone into a well."

Schaub says he was offered those types of roles and turned them down, but has recently accepted a non-fighter role which he isn't at liberty to reveal...yet.

He also insisted that trying to act and fight at the same time wasn't the best choice for their careers.

"Unfortunately we see how that’s played out for a lot of them," Schaub said. "Look at [Conor McGregor], he’s smart. He got offered gigs, but he told them not right now."

He says that while he isn't fighting anymore he does have a priority, and that's The Fighter and the Kid.

You can listen to their podcast here and watch their web series here.

And watch the trailer for the web series below.

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