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I grew up in Las Vegas so I have learned to love watching people fight and talking about it.
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Action movies are the epitome of the summer blockbuster. They offer ridiculous narratives, at least double the amount of explosions of your typical romantic comedy and more blood than this week's episode of Game of Thrones.

While the recent trend of cinema has given us great superhero movies that inspire and dazzle us, action stars do not need powers or special suits to deliver destruction, as was clear by many run-and-gun characters of the '80s.

Regardless of the type of action hero seen in a film, one skill that nearly all of them possess is proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. There is nothing more rewarding than finishing a two-hour shoot-em-up film than with an all-out fist fight.

While the protagonist nearly always wins, there are some that just seem to be better than others and could hold their own in any fight. While it's just a dream, it would be great to see some of the best action movie characters enter the Octagon to duke it out for a UFC belt.

Here are some of the best action characters who would tear it up in the UFC.

Natasha 'Black Widow' Romanoff

While many of Black Widow's peers may get more of the spotlight, they often rely on adamantium shields and bionic arms to do their fighting. And I'm pretty sure that Bruce Banner's gamma radiation would not pass USADA's new drug policy.

Black Widow uses Muay Thai, eskrima, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe to defeat her enemies, making her a well-rounded fighter. Depending on whether she would fight at 135 or cut down to 115 -- a better fit for her 5-foot-2-inch frame -- she could be a serious threat in the women's division.

James Bond

Now that the UFC has its first British champion, it's time to get another one into the mix.

Bond is one of the most celebrated action heroes in cinema history, portrayed in 26 movies over more than 50 years. His fighting style has evolved throughout the years -- and throughout the actors -- to combine dirty boxing, wrestling, judo, karate, kickboxing, BJJ and more.

Bond would be a complete fighter who would be dangerous standing up or grappling. While the current portrayal of Bond, Daniel Craig, walks around at about 170 and would likely cut to fight at 155, Craig has said that he is done with the role. Whomever the series casts next could greatly impact what division is about to suffer a British invasion.

Jason Bourne

Despite having no idea who he is for much of the franchise, Bourne is able to use his training to kick some serious ass against many highly trained assassins.

Fighters inside the Octagon are used to avoiding getting knocked out. Bourne is used to avoiding getting killed, making the UFC seem like a breeze. Throughout the series, Bourne has used many fighting styles, primarily Jeet Kun Do, making him a unique person to enter the Octagon.

Bourne is around 185 pounds, meaning a cut to welterweight is plausible. Maybe a Jeet Kun Do vs. traditional karate match could take place if Bourne took on Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

Tyler 'Project Mayhem' Durden

Coming from a film that has fight in the title, you can bet that Tyler Durden is a scrappy character. He brings ferocity to any fight and knows only one person in the Octagon can walk out a winner -- if they walk out at all.

Durden would be an aggressive fighter who would constantly press the pace. He would keep things standing before finishing with the ground-and-pound. His dirty boxing, kickboxing and street fighting style would be erratic inside the Octagon and would suffocate his opponent.

Durden would be yet another lightweight on the list in an already stacked division. A great opponent for him would be fan-favorite Donald Cerrone who has no problem throwing down with the best of them.

Lara 'Tomb Raider' Croft

While much of her job involves excavating ancient sites around the world, Lara Croft has found herself in plenty of fights. She often lets her guns settle any dispute, but she's not afraid to get into a brawl with anyone.

Whether in her video game series or movie franchise, Croft can use techniques from multiple fighting disciplines, such as street-fighting and kickboxing. She has the ability to not cut weight and fight at 135 or move down to 115 where she would be a huge fighter at a height ranging from 5 foot 6 to 5 foot 11.

The range advantage that she would have over most of her opponents as well as her diverse fighting background make her a serious contender for becoming a dominant UFC fighter.

Thomas 'Neo, The One' Anderson

Now that Neo has discovered that none of us are living in the true reality and instead are in the Matrix, it has liberated him. He is now free to manipulate reality to his advantage and pull off physics-defying moves which would make him a tough opponent to face in the Octagon.

Neo's ability to absorb information at an alarming rate would allow him to learn new fighting techniques before any of his fights, making him almost impossible to prepare for. He would likely be the toughest opponent any current UFC fighter would have to face. It is no small feat to go up against a savior of humanity.

Neo would more than likely be a lightweight, but maybe he could bulk up so "The One" could fight Tyron "The Chosen One" Woodley at 170.

Robert 'Rocky' Balboa

One of the most famous fighters in cinema history, Rocky would be one of the best celebrity appearances ever in the Octagon. I can see him being treated as good as Brock Lesnar is leading up to UFC 200.

Rocky only has a boxing background, but the work ethic that he has shown throughout his seven-film franchise may be enough to help him get a good base in other fighting styles. He would be similar to Dan Henderson, an older fighter with a devastating punch that no longer wants to see a fight go to the ground.

Rocky fought at 195 pounds, so he would either need to cut more weight to get down to middleweight or bulk up to 205 to become a light heavyweight, two of the toughest divisions in the UFC. Let's hope that this boxer's stint in the Octagon goes better than when James Toney tried his hand at MMA.


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