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WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- UFC Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos almost faced Conor McGregor, but due to a foot injury he had to pull out of the bout and Nate Diaz was called in to replace him.

That injury set off a series of events that will go down in MMA history. (Diaz pulling one of the biggest upsets ever, then McGregor fake retiring and being pulled from the UFC 200 card, the Stockton slap and the list goes on)

Now the man that (kinda) started it all has his chance to speak.

"When you fight and you lose it's hard because you feel that all that work that you put into that camp was for nothing," he told reporters on Monday. "But that situation was different because I never even fought so it was even worse for me."

Dos Anjos had a broken foot, which forced him out of the fight. McGregor then took shots at him implying that he should have fought with a broken foot anyways.

"I think he crosses the line a little bit," he said. "It's a good way for him [to promote fights], but I will never do something similar."

RDA added that watching his would-be opponent lose in such a spectacular way just made him want to fight more.

"I would have made it ugly," he said. "I want to hurt that guy."

He says he doesn't look back at the paycheck he lost due to pulling out of the fight.

"If I don't fight McGregor I still have a good life," he laughed. "Coming from where I came from, I was born naked with no teeth. But if this fight happens down the road, I will be there."

He does think that McGregor is setting himself up in case he loses. He says he thinks McGregor taking the fight at 170 will be his excuse. He also thinks he will lose again.

"[Diaz] beat him with nine days notice." He said. "Now he has a full fight camp, I've fought him, the guy is tough."

Dos Anjos faces Eddie Alvarez at UFC Fight Night Las Vegas on July 7.

McGregor and Diaz meet for a rematch at UFC 202 on Aug 20.

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