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Georges St-Pierre, the man who left the UFC at a time when he was widely considered to be the greatest mixed martial artist on the planet, says he wants to fight again.

GSP has not fought in three years, since he won a narrow decision over Johny Hendricks , in a fight many people believe Hendricks won.

"I did a training camp to see where I'm at because I was training," St-Pierre told MMAFighting. "Being in shape and being in fighting shape is something different. I did a training camp to push myself and go back to the same, highest level of competition. I didn't fight, but I put myself through a training camp and I sparred and everything and I did it successfully. Now I know for a fact I could go back and fight if my management and the UFC get to an agreement.

"I'm ready."

What a deal means is unclear, but it will likely involve a lot of money and a title fight against Robbie Lawler or possibly Michael Bisping. GSP is 25-2, and has not lost a fight since his 2007 bout with Matt Serra. His other loss came against Matt Hughes. St-Pierre, however, defeated both fighters in rematches.

A GSP return would shake up the UFC and inject much-needed star power into the company. The UFC recently signed Brock Lesnar to appear at UFC 200 to help draw more eyes to the big event. GSP, a well-conditioned athlete who is the face of what a mixed martial artist should look like, would likely pop 1 million PPV buys in his return to the sport.

GSP said he might fight by the end of the year. Is it a coincidence that he announced his return two days after training buddy Rory MacDonald lost another fight? GSP said he would never fight his friend, so when he retired it seemed to make sense that in some way he was opening the door for MacDonald to take his spot on top of the sport and in the welterweight division. That never happened, however. McDonald lost two times since GSP's exit, including a title fight.

Or maybe signing of Lesnar showed that the UFC is willing to pay top talent a lot of money and GSP wanted to cash in.

Whatever the reason, "Superman" is returning at UFC fans can't wait.


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