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Josh Molina

UFC and WWE great Brock Lesnar will bring his WWE-themed entrance music with him inside the Octagon when he returns July 7 at UFC 200.

The WWE is usually really strict about letting its talents appear outside of the WWE with any elements of their character, unless its directly promoting the WWE brand. But the WWE and the UFC apparently are working together on Brock's return so Brock will be able to keep some of the things that make him special in the WWE.

And let's' get real. Brock's ring entrance is cool, sending chills up the backs of fans and striking instant fear into his opponents.

There's lots of deals being talked about as part of the Lesnar appearance at UFC 200. Rumors center around trading Lesnar for Rousey at WrestleMania, or possibly even Paige VanZant appearing at Summerslam. It's too bad that the UFC and WWE didn't think of this partnership before. CM Punk's "transition" into the UFC could have been a lot simpler and maybe we could have seen John Cena in the UFC years ago.

For now we settle for Brock's return at against Mark Hunt, in a fight that will be a race to the takedown for Lesnar. Maybe the UFC should let Brock's friend and manager, Paul Heyman, announce him into the Octagon as well. Sorry, Bruce Buffer, Heyman has you beat.


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