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Josh Molina

Zach Gowen, a one-legged man who lost his leg to cancer at age 5, stole the show recently on NBC's popular America Ninja Warrior show.

The show that tests some of the best rock climbers and well-conditioned aerobic superstars brought out the best in Gowen, who survived longer on the obstacle course than some people with all their limbs.

But Gowen is no stranger to the spotlight. In fact, performing on ANW is somewhat of a step down, considering that he has appeared on PPV shows in front of millions of people and wrestled some of the WWE's biggest stars, including, yes, Brock Lesnar.

So if you ever wanted to watch Lesnar brutalize a one-legged man, here's your opportunity. But warning, don't show this to mom, otherwise wrestling may be banned in your home, from now until at least WrestleMania.

In the video, Lesnar hits Gowen over the head with a steel chair, whacks Gowen with his own prosthetic leg, and then puts the "F5" the young man on the floor outside the ring. Lesnar left Gowen in a pool of blood, while Gowen's mother jumped the rail to help her son. Just remember guys, wrestling is fake, right?

Gowen even wrestled the 15-time world heavyweight champion John Cena, in a much more family-friendly matchup. This was in 2003, when Cena was killing the world with his phenomenal raps, as "The Dr. Of Thuganomics." (Geez, WWE, why can't you just let him be that guy again?)

Cena performs a rap before the match that looks like it hurts Gowen's feelings, but nothing like Lesnar's use of the prosthetic leg.

Gowen lasted about a year in the WWE. His character never took off with the fans. Somehow seeing a one-legged guy get destroyed every week wasn't what was best for business. Still, Gowen made a name for himself and has used that recognition to go on and inspire rock climbers and well-conditioned obstacle course runners the world over.


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