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Josh Molina

Forget Brock Lesnar. The late great Kevin Randleman is the king of "Suplex City."

If you have never seen it, go watch it. Marvel at the fact that Fedor Emelianenko not only survived, but won his fight with Randleman a minute after being dropped on his head in a way no one had ever done to him before.

The whole fight only lasts about three minutes, but if you can't wait, go to 1:29.

Holy crap. Or as commentator Mauro Ranallo says, "OH MY GOSH!!! OH MY GOD."

Randleman took Fedor down early, and the second time he did, he cemented his legacy in MMA lore. Randleman belly-to-back suplexed Emelianenko in a move that looked like it not only hurt, but may have broken Emelianenko's neck (it didn't, thankfully).

How the heck did he survive that? Fedor took the slam and then countered the move like it was pro wrestling. Really? Go watch it again.

After the slam Fedor turns Randleman on his back, into a North-South position. Fedor then delivers 15 -- FIFTEEN -- left hands to Randleman's head. Yeah, 15 sickening thuds to the skull. Randleman was out of it by then, so Fedor slapped on a kimura and tapped Randleman out.


And if you aren't impressed by that, watch the fight just to listen to the banter between Ranallo and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. That's an announcing team.

So who's got the better suplex? Randleman or Lesnar? And who's tougher? Cena or Fedor? Ranallo definitely gets the edge on commentary.

Fedor will fight Fabio Maldonado Friday in Russia at EFN 50. Let's see if Maldonado gets taken to Suplex City himself.


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