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Before the UFC unleashes the welcomed chaos of International Fight Week in Vegas, they have one more Fight Night on FOX Sports for your viewing pleasure.

I feel this entire card is one big sleeper, but I'm going to give you three additional fights you cannot ignore. So grab a jacket, crack open an ice cold Labatt Blue and fry up some delicious beavertail because we are going to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada!

Elias Theodorou vs. Sam Alvey


This is a fight I originally didn't think twice about and then quickly changed my mind after taking a more in-depth look. These are two dudes who come to bang!

Theodorou, winner of The Ultimate Fighter Nations: Canada vs. Australia, has great cardio, great hands and great hair if I do say so myself. Then there's Alvey... how should I describe him? Well, if he was a truck, he'd only have one gear and it would be labeled "go," probably written in Sharpie.

This not only has some serious potential to be a great fight, we could be looking at Fight of the Night here. I'm not alone either because Alvey agrees, as seen in an interview on UFC's Fight Pass he said, "It's going to be Fight of the Year I promise you." He then kicked it up to 11 by adding that "it's going to be the best fight anyone has ever seen."

Chris Beal vs. Joe Soto


One might take a look at these two's records and say "both these guys lost their last two fights, this is going to be awful."

I'd tastefully disagree.

This is actually the perfect recipe for a war! What better time to throw caution to the wind, bite your mouthpiece and throw bombs, than when you're looking at a possible make-or-break fight in your UFC career.

Both Beal and Soto have a ton of heart and are better than their recent records show. Soto has a great Jiu-jitsu game and Beal has a high takedown percentage, so that actually may equate to wanting to keep this fight standing and push the tempo for both the fighters and the fans.

Valerie Letourneau vs. Joanne Calderwood


Last month Cris Cyborg made history alongside Leslie Smith by having the UFC's first female fight at 140 pounds. Now you lucky Canadians get to witness it again, as the UFC puts on its first women's bout at 125 pounds.

It'll be interesting to see Letourneau perform at this weight. When we last saw her she had gone all five rounds with 115-pound champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

I think this is a great move for Valerie, as she already was a phenomenal striker. The extra 10 pounds should really add to her punching power and hopefully make her a bit more comfortable to perform at an optimal level in front of a home crowd.

Do not count out Calderwood either! The last time we saw this Scotish lass was in an absolute bashing of Cortney Casey, which earned them the prestigious Fight of the Night bonus. She likes to keep it standing and, what do you know, so does Letourneau! How lucky for us. I could see these two slugging it out, going the distance and in return, keep the 125-pound door open for many more women in the UFC.

I urge you to watch all the fights on this card and witness the wealth of great Canadian fighters currently in the UFC. If you don't end up jumping off your couch, dousing yourself in maple syrup, screaming "O Canada!" then check your pulse. Or maybe that's just me.


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