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That time he broke John Makdessi's jaw with his foot

I was there for this moment, and I was as shocked as anyone. "Cowboy" landed a perfectly timed kick right to Makdessi's face, and without hesitation Makdessi waved Cerrone off and the fight was stopped. I was lucky enough to capture the moment the kick landed and Makdessi holding his damaged jaw when leaving the Octagon. This moment sealed the deal for me in proving Cowboy's badassery.

The moment:

That time he took a fine to honor his grandma

Cowboy gladly accepted a Rebook Fight Kit fine in order to honor his grandmother last year. When he faced Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on FOX 17 he wore a patch on his fight shorts which were not part of the approved outfitting policy. The patch is of his old Muay Thai shorts and it's a ritual he has done for years as an homage to his beloved grandmother.

See the offending patch below:

All of his insane "hobbies"

You can't be called a badass without having the full-time badass life.. which Cowboy sure does as evidenced by all of his hobbies.

Wakeboarding barefoot, for example...


Scuba Diving


Racing Cars

That time he rolled his truck, and trained the same day

Cowboy was driving in New Mexico when he rolled his truck, climbed out and headed straight to training. Um, do I have to spell it out for you? B-A-D-A-S-S.

That time he almost got in a gym fight with Jon Jones

According to a story as told to Fighter and The Kid Podcast Cowboy almost got into it with Jon Jones. Yes, THE Jon Jones.

Here's how it played out according to Cowboy.

"Me and him have plenty of disputes all the time. We almost had at it, him and I at Jackson's. This is before all the wild Jon (stuff) came out and I spoke about him being wild and he was like 'what the (expletive) with you putting me out like that?' and I was like 'what's up mother (expletive)?' but that's behind the scenes... What had happened was all the UFC cameras were there that day and I came at Jon like 'what's up?' and he comes at me, puts his God hat on and got to work. He just said 'Cowboy, I just don't understand, I'm so nice to you, always try to help you and this is how you treat me, this is how you want to come at me? I remember pointing at him like 'you mother (expletive)'."

Do I see a potential superfight in the works??

Everytime he has his beer at the post fight presser

That time he tried an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, and crushed it.

That time he trolled Reebok

LOLZ, Reebok got trolled by Cowboy in the best way.

He stuck it to the UFC sponsor by wearing and posting about Nike. Ouch!

That time he offered to teach Sage Northcutt how to live

Um, yes please? Cowboy... can I come out to the ranch and you can teach me how to live? Sage is a lucky mofo!

Cerrone fights Patrick Coté this Saturday on the UFC Ottawa card. Badassery will surely ensue.


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