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One more match! One more match!

Trish Stratus was WWE's Golden Girl during the turn of the century. The Hall of Famer was adored by millions and brought a certain charisma and style to women's wrestling that was sadly missed for many years after her retirement in 2006. Fans have clamoured and wished for an in-ring return from Trish, and it looks like they may finally get their wish!

Trish hasn't returned to in ring action since retiring at the Unforgiven 2006 pay per view in her home town of Toronto, Canada. Trish is one of the few wrestlers in WWE history to be granted a fairy-tale ending to her career. In her last match she wrestled her longtime rival - and real life best friend - Lita, for the WWE Women's Championship. The match was an all time classic, and Trish won her record breaking 7th Women's title by making Lita tap out to Bret Hart's Sharpshooter, in front of an emotional Canadian crowd.

While on promotion for her direct-to-digital movie Gridlocked, Canada's greatest export revealed that she would love to return for one more match in WWE,

"I will never close the door if there is something that will challenge me. It would have to be a challenge to me, it would have to elevate someone else on the show and it would need to be something exciting for the fans. What do they want to see?"

As a fan of the current and past WWE product, nothing would please me more than seeing Trish Stratus going one on one against "The Boss" Sasha Banks, or current WWE Women's Champion Charlotte.

The two, along with Becky Lynch and NXT sweetheart Bayley, have been credited with bringing women's wrestling to a level that has not been seen since the days of Trish vs Lita. Logical choice to see the past vs the present, but Trish's choice may actually shock a lot of us. The record 7 time Women's Champion revealed that she would love to face Natalya, stating;

"They always ask who I would go back to work for and one person is Nattie. She isn’t one of the top current girls, but I never got a chance to work with her and it would be kind of dream to be able to."

While not everyone's first thought, Natalya definitely would be a great opponent for Trish. Nattie is without a doubt the greatest technical female wrestler on the roster, one who has been greatly overlooked in the past few years for the "younger" talent.

She has been gaining some spotlight the past few months with an ongoing post-Wrestlemania rivalry with Charlotte, but this appears to be a filler feud while they prepare for a Charlotte/Sasha story line for Summerslam. With Nattie seemingly getting pushed away from the title picture soon, she would be free for some new work from the writers, namely a feud with Trish Stratus.

Would you like to see Trish come back? Who would you like to see her face?


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