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Kevin Owens is a prize fighter. That's what his shirt says. That what his fans say. That's what he says. But that's not what Daniel Cormier says.

The UFC light heavyweight champions says Owens can't fight, and shouldn't even think about trying.

Here's what DC told radio talk show host Peter Rosenberg on HOT 97.

“Brock Lesnar is the only guy who’s over there [in the WWE] that can do that. You know, I saw something the other day, where a guy was telling a story about Kevin Owens, [and he] said the UFC is trying to sign Kevin Owens ... Kevin, no. The UFC has not been trying to sign you, because you could not fight. It’s a different world. [I’m a] big fan of Kevin Owens, but it’s a different world.”

At 6 foot 2 and 270 pounds, it's true that Owens isn't exactly a walking epitome of what an athlete should look like. But that's OK with Owens. He's been fighting those critics his whole career. And even though he looks like Roy Nelson's nephew, Owens is actually really athletic, skilled and talented.

Can you do this DC?

Of course, Owens would need a camp, and a good camp, the kind of camp that can help a hard-working, talented guy take off a few extra pounds. Maybe American Kickboxing Academy? It worked for DC:



Owens will wrestle on Sunday at the WWE's Money in the Bank in a ladder match. Will KO have Cormier's thoughts on his mind when he enter the ring, or will he be able to shake the light heavyweight off like Jon Jones did Cormier's takedown attempts?


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