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Bellator kickboxer Raymond Daniels spoke with last week about preparing for his upcoming fight and future with Bellator Kickboxing.

He says he has been so excited for his next fight that he hasn't been able to sleep.

"It's been a little complicated to sleep at times," he laughed. "I'm so excited to get back out there and do it all again."

Daniels is looking at getting back into the ring to nab his second win under the Bellator Kickboxing banner. He travelled to Italy earlier this year when Bellator Kickboxing made its promotional debut and put on a stellar performance over local favorite Francesco Moricca.

This time around he faces another Italian, Stefano Bruno, and he even predicted how the fight will come to an end.

"I don't like to give too much away, but I predicted my last fight and it happened," he said. "But I predict he'll go down in the first round, I have a nice double kick I plan on throwing out there and I think It'll be something that can finish the fight. It's going to be a highlight knockout. It's going to be something special."

He says that leaving Glory for Bellator Kickboxing was mostly about timing, and having a previous relationship with Bellator President Scott Coker.

"He was the first promoter I fought any of my fights for," Daniels said. "I've fought with him under Strikeforce and K1. He contacted me and explained the vision they had for Bellator Kickboxing and I thought it was something special. I wanted to make sure I was a part of that."

Daniels has dabbled in some MMA in the past and fans are starting to whisper that perhaps he might be fighting for Bellator MMA after too long, but Daniel's isn't committing to anything just yet.

"The MMA door is always open," he said. "I never close my doors to anything, but kickboxing is where my strength is. I guess you could say it's where I can paint my masterpiece."


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