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Former Lightweight Champion Anthony "Showtime" Pettis will make his featherweight debut at a FOX on UFC card in Vancouver, according to a report on Wednesday.

Fox Sports reported that Pettis will face Charles Oliveira. The UFC is currently trying to find a main event for the card.

"Showtime is always a highlight reel guy and so is Oliveira," said UFC Executive Vice President Tom Wright. "That's going to be a great fight. We haven't even announced the main event yet and the main event's going to be very interesting too."

The bout will air live on FOX on Aug. 27, from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.

Pettis is a former lightweight champ both in the UFC and WEC. He is currently ranked No. 7 on the lightweight rankings, while Oliveira is ranked no. 7 on the featherweight list.

Pettis is on a three-fight losing streak at 155 pounds which could have played into his decision to move down to 145 pounds for this fight.

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