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Josh Molina

John Cena isn't just the biggest star in professional wrestling, he's also an emerging actor. Look out, Dwayne Johnson. Cena is on your tail.

Watch this.

Cena has transitioned in recent years to a successful career in acting. Here he's playing the role of his hero, Hulk Hogan, who famously got his dirty laundry aired in a secretly recorded tape. Hogan won a $120 million judgment against Gawker, the site that published a videotape of doing some, um, intimate things.

Wrestling fans know Cena does great wrestling impressions, and his Hogan is particularly great. Just in case you have confused the two, or believe Cena really is Hulk Hogan, here's proof that they are two different people:

Cena will face AJ Styles at WWE Money in the Bank on Sunday. Clearly, if it doesn't work out for him against "The Phenomenal One," he will have other gigs awaiting.

Unlike The Hulkster, who has battled allegations of steroid use, infidelity and racism, Cena still has a squeaky clean image. Mr. Never Give Up is perfect for Hollywood.


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