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The Octagon can be set for battle, but it's not officially time to get excited until you hear that beautiful, baritone voice of the UFC that we've all come to know and love: Bruce Buffer.

Sure he has his amazing catchphrases but did you know the man has a signature move?

The Buffer 180.

It happens right after Buffer has announced the first fighter, he knows the other fighter is right behind him and a normal, sub-par announcer would just slowly turn and simply state the name of the other fighter. No, no , no, not this man!

The "veteran voice of the Octagon" one-ups everybody by taking flight and not coming back to earth until he is facing the completely opposite direction. A full 180 degrees, which became known as the "Buffer 180."

The year is 2009 and UFC is gearing up for it's biggest pay-per-view in its history, UFC 100. That's when UFC commentator Joe Rogan took it upon himself to ensure Buffer kicked it up another notch: a 360.

Joe can be seen in the clip below (via 2009) saying, "we planted this seed in his head... s--t, it was about a year ago, about going from a 180 to a 360, could he do it? Well, that crazy motha f--ker actually went home and practiced it."

The time came and much like he always does, Bruce Buffer delivered. It was a gorgeous, dare I say ballerina-esk jump with a full turn and the UFC 100 crowd ate it up! Since we've never seen the full 360 since, it has only added to the legend of "the Buffer."

So that begs the question, UFC 200 is right around the corner, arguably the biggest PPV since UFC 100, can Bruce Buffer one-up the 360 and complete a 720?!?

Buffer might be a bit hesitant because being the most acrobatic announcer does have its risks. When announcing GSP in front of 55,000 people, he went for the Buffer 180 and tore his ACL (via MMA Junkie) and to this day lists it as his biggest embarrassment in the Octagon.

So how can we convince him to overcome adversity and give the people what they want?

"We have to figure out a way to make a 720 plausible," Rogan said via his podcast.

Well, I have a solution!

That's the hashtag. Spread the word, let's get this out and into the hands of the people! You want to see it, I want to see it and Joe Rogan wants to see it.

Bruce... we believe in you.


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