ByRyan Matsunaga, writer at
MMA fan, BJJ enthusiast, and Executive Publisher at Creators Media.
Ryan Matsunaga

What happens when a Tyrannosaurus takes on the Ninja Warrior course? He slays, obviously.

This Cretaceous combatant showed up for the Atlanta qualifiers of American Ninja Warrior, and nearly made it through the entire thing. He fell just short of the final obstacle, when his short, stubby arms proved unable to defeat the rotating monkey bars.

All jokes aside, the physical fitness one would need to take on Ninja Warrior without wearing a giant, bulky T-rex suit is already pretty impressive. This? This is some mind-blowingly good obstacle coursing.

And in a generous bit of fan service, our dino-hero was even allowed to skip ahead to the Warp Wall, a notoriously difficult challenge, and absolutely killed it.

Good on you dino-man.


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