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MMA Legend Don Frye is headed into the UFC Hall of Fame at UFC 200 weekend. And, in typical fashion, he's offering some unabashed, uncensored, unrestrained comments on the state of MMA.

His latest shoot? Brock Lesnar. Frye predicts that the former UFC and WWE champion is destined for a loud, painful fall at UFC 200.

"Mark Hunt is going to destroy him," Frye said on Submission Radio. "So it’s going to be such a fun fight to watch Mark kick his head off. So I’m looking forward to it.

"Mark’s an animal. Yeah he’s an animal. I mean, goddamn, he’s one of the better fighters walking the planet. You know and he’s got the strength and the speed and the skill, and s--t, he’s like 10-foot-tall and bullet proof."

Frye said he thought the UFC would give him a set-up fight, Rocky Balboa-style. And, of course, CM Punk just had to come up.

"I thought they were going to give him some fish. Who’s that pro wrestler that keeps bailing out of his fight all the time? Yeah, I mean, give him CM Punk (laughs) or somebody worse than that. But jeez, I gotta give it to Lesnar for accepting the fight. First you gotta step into the cage, and then I’ll give the guy all the credit in the world just for being man enough to let that door close behind him."

Lesnar is the underdog going into the brawl with Hunt. It's not like Hunt is unbeatable. After all, he has a record of 12-10-1. But he does hit hard. He's has won nine fights by knockout. Lesnar is 5-3 in MMA, with four of his victories coming by knockout or submission.

You can listen to Frye and others in the Submission Radio replay below.

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