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Amy Kaplan

Daniel Cormier and Brock Lesnar have something in common: UFC 200.

Oh, and a possible huge paycheck from pay-per-view points.

When Cormier, who will be facing Jon Jones in the main event for UFC 200, heard that Lesnar may be making his return on the same card, he saw dollar signs as he knew having the former UFC heavyweight on the bill would increase the PPV buys.

When reports started to hit the internet, Cormier said he sent a text to Lesnar hoping for a confirmation of the fight that would later be officially announced.

He relayed that moment on The MMA Hour today.

"Is it Christmas time in the Cormier household?" Cormier asked via text.

Cormier claims he did not receive a response until the commercial announcing the fight aired.

But when he did... It was kind of epic.

"Merry Christmas," Lesnar replied.

It's a pretty good assumption that with Lesnar on the card the PPV buys will spike even higher than expected. Many top-level fighters have clauses in their contracts to grant them bonuses based on the PPV sales.

You can watch The MMA Hour with Cormier and below.


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