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You could say that Brock Lesnar is about as adept at romance as he is with his stand-up. Effective, but a little bit clumsy. Memorable, but somewhat awkward.

But when you are Brock Lesnar, you probably don't have to worry too much about being romantic. After all, when you are 6 foot 3 and 285 pounds you have some natural gifts that come with being that size. When you are a multimillion-dollar PPV draw, your woman will probably overlook a lack of romantic sophistication.

Once you go Brock, you apparently never go back. That's the only way to explain how he could get away with playing an absolutely disgusting joke on your wife, and when your wife is none other than SABLE (sorry, Rena Lesnar).

So what did Brock do to prank his wife? Make her dig through crap, that's what.

Lesnar, when asked on Highly Questionable what was the most romantic thing he ever did for his wife, said he tricked her into digging through their kid's diaper to look for her wedding ring. He apparently thought it was funny to tell her that their kid swallowed her wedding ring and that she should look through his diapers to find them. TWO DAYS LATER, Lesnar and Rena renewed their wedding vows and he gave her a new ring.

You can watch Lesnar's appearance on the ESPN show below.

My guess is Lesnar won't be sleeping on the couch after telling that story. But any other husband would.


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