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Ball is life. But so is pizza.
Erik Fontanez

Chills, y'all.

It goes against my every rational inch of my brain to want to see Fedor return from a three-year retirement. I've written before that he's cemented his legacy and has nothing left to prove. He's the GOAT in my eyes.

But then I see pre-fight promos like the one below and, dammit, all my rationale goes down the toilet.

I don't speak or read Russian, so I don't know what the text in the video says. Luckly, Google is my friend and it told me that Fedor vs. UFC veteran Fabio Maldonado is June 17. We've all known this for a while, but watching this video again made me want to share it with you in an editorial space. Did I also mention this fight is streaming on UFC Fight Pass? Well, it is.

So there you go. Maybe once he's done in Russia Fedor will come to the UFC without having to go through some organization on Fight Pass. And if he does, down the crapper my rationale goes again.


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