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Amy Kaplan

Video has surfaced of the exchange between former champ Luke Rockhold and new champ Michael Bisping after their UFC 199 bout.

According to Rockhold, who posted a statement on his Facebook page, Bisping, "Went out of his way to come across the cage not to shake my hand like a man but to further mock the situation. I felt it was a classless move on his part. Thus the reason I was so pissed off at the press conference. I don't believe in kicking a man while he's down."

Uh, that's not exactly how it went though. At least according to the video the UFC just posted on their Twitter account.

The video shows Bisping shaking Rockhold's hand saying, "I love you," and "good fight." Rockhold stands with his arms crossed visibly upset (understandably).

There is no doubt that Bisping was also adding in some last minute verbal jabs, but the accusation that Bisping refused to shake his opponents hand it obviously incorrect.

Bisping came into the fight on 17 days notice to dethrone Rockhold as champ in what was their second fight inside the cage.


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