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Former UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo's story has been made into a movie, which premiered in Brazil this week.

Aldo, who was the longest featherweight champion in history, has a unique story, growing up in Rio de Janeiro with an abusive alcoholic father and trying to make it as a fighter.

The movie, entirely in Portuguese, is called Mais Forte Que o Mundo (Stronger Than the World) and features Jose Loreto as Aldo.

"To look back at the past… It was hard for me," Aldo said to reporters at the premiere. "But I overcame everything I went through."

The movie focuses on Aldo's father and his relationship with his son which was hard for the former champion to watch.

"It’s impossible not to cry," Aldo said. "My relationship with my father, a hero and a villain, is really beautiful in the movie."

According to MMA Fighting, it took two years for the movie to be made, and the lead actor changed his whole life to portray the iconic MMA fighter.

"I became a true fighter. I forgot that I was an actor, I became a fighter for this movie." Loreto said at the premiere. "I used Aldo’s characteristics that inspire me the most: his dedication, the warrior spirit, the martial art. I used that in my preparation."

The film ends when Aldo first defended the UFC featherweight title, defeating Mark Hominick, and was originally slated to debut one week after UFC 194. Unfortunately due to the outcome of that infamous 13-second KO at the hands of Conor McGregor the film was put on hold.

Aldo faces Frankie Edgar for the interim featherweight championship at UFC 200, where he hopes to regain the belt and be granted a rematch with McGregor. This could eventually lead to a second movie as well.

"It would be a great story with me beating up (McGregor)," He said. "My focus is on the belt now. As soon as I get the belt back, defeating Frankie Edgar, I will think what’s next. We do have unfinished business."

Watch the official trailer for the movie here:


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