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Forget Maypac. Fedbrock was the dream match that really got away.

Fedor Emelianenko, widely regarded as at least the greatest heavyweight of all time, vs. Brock Lesnar, the imposing WWE wrestler who became UFC heavyweight champion, was the match we all dreamed off.

Fedor, however, never fought in the UFC, despite the UFC's attempts. Lesnar went to the WWE. But now he's back. So can the two rekindle their MMA fight flirting from across the room?

It's already started.

"Brock is an interesting opponent," Fedor told, according to "Maybe our paths will cross again."

Cross your fingers
Cross your fingers

By "interesting," Fedor means multimillion-dollar payday.

Fedor is fighting on a June 17 card that will be streamed on UFC's Fight Pass, but also seems open to fighting "The Beast Incarnate." Lesnar will return on July 9 to fight Mark Hunt. It will be a one-off, according to the WWE. If Lesnar can pull off a victory, however, maybe he'll be back and the fight that got away will happen.

Stranger things have happened. When it comes to a paycheck, everything is negotiable.

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