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Amy Kaplan

Hello? Is it your gi you're looking for?

Well that was awkward...

A competitor at the IBJJF World Tournament last weekend went onto the mat and began grappling before removing his phone from his gi. Whoops!

The video, which was originally posted by a spectator, shows two unidentified men competing in the tournament.

The video then shows a man in a blue gi in the open guard of the man in the white gi. No belts are visible but the pair in the next square are brown belts so I would guess these two are as well.

The man in blue seems to discover the phone, and hands it off to the referee who takes the device over to the score card table. The pair of competitors appear to laugh it off before returning to the match.

I bet that's a first!

No ID is made of either man, nor the outcome of the match.


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