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Here at Champions, we're aiming to build the most exciting combat sports community in the world. To do that we're leveraging, a platform that lets fans write about the stuff they care about, and share that work with an audience of over 30 million people.

The best part about is that anyone can participate! So if you want a place to write about fighting, and an audience to write for, you've come to the right place.

But maybe you're wondering, what exactly is Champions, and what makes us unique?

Champions is... The Culture of Combat Sports

Champions is about bringing together fans from every corner of combat sports. From mixed martial arts, to grappling, boxing, and everything in between, if you're passionate about it, let us know!

By becoming a Creator on Champions, you'll be able to write about the sports that you love, for a community that's excited about the future of martial arts.

Champions is... Where Fighters and Fans Meet

Being on Champions means that you're a part of a community of not just fans, but also fighters at every level of competition. From athletes just starting out, to those competing at the highest levels in their respective sports, this is the place where fans and fighters connect.

Check out articles written by your favorite fighters. Learn techniques from the best coaches in the world. Meet and train alongside the next generation of world champions. Be a part of a community that connects everyone who loves combat sports!

Champions is... A Place To Share Your Stories

Champions isn't just a site where you can read about sports, it's where fans and athletes like you have a platform to write about whatever you want.

Find a cool piece of news? Give us your take on it!

Can you call the fights like a pro? Put that knowledge to work and break down the next big match-up!

Attend an awesome event? Tell us what it was like, and share some of your photos!

Know some cool techniques? Show us what you got!

And if you're a fighter yourself, Champions is the perfect place to connect with your fans, and reach a ton of new ones in the process!

So whether you're a diehard fight junkie, a combat sports professional, or just someone who enjoys watching a good fight, we want you to join the conversation!

Champions is... Part of Something Much Bigger

We love fighting, but that's not the only thing you'll be able to write about.

Joining Champions means you'll also be a part of, the fastest-growing community for fans in the entire world. You'll be able to write about combat sports here, movies and TV shows on Movie Pilot, and video games on Now Loading, with even more places to share your work coming soon.

Best of all, you'll be a part of a community of over 30 million fans who can't wait to hear what you have to say!

So what are you waiting for, let's get started!

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