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Amy Kaplan

Fairytales do come true. At least if you are Michael Bisping!

Bisping just won his ever UFC title on just 17 days notice, after 10 years in the organization. You can't get more storybook than that.

Except, Bisping wants more. He wants to defend his belt in his home, the U.K.

Speaking to Sun after his win he said, "The first defense in Manchester would be an absolute dream come true. That would be a fairytale."

Bisping is currently undefeated at home, and in an odd turn of events the venue he grabbed the title at was aptly located on Manchester Blvd. Eerie right?

"I just beat Anderson Silva in London," he said. "I just took the belt in L.A. It doesn’t get much better than this."

Bisping won the title from Luke Rockhold last Saturday UFC 199.


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