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Devastating news is coming out of Poland via According to the Polish news site, an unnamed competitor died shortly after competing at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu event.

The competitor, only identified on Facebook as "Marek," had just won his bracket and was awaiting his medal when he fainted, according to reports. Despite quick medical attention he was not able to be revived and died.

Photos Courtesy of Facebook
Photos Courtesy of Facebook

Due to the tragic event the tournament was cancelled.

A fund has been set up for Marek's family and can be accessed through Facebook.

Read the translated statement from the tournament here:

While held competitions Open Gi, there was the death of one of the participants. Some time after the battle, in anticipation of the medal, he fainted. Despite immediate medical assistance by rescuers failed to save him. In connection with this very unpleasant for us Total event, we decided to advance the end of the tournament.
Information regarding compensation for players who do not have time to fight, will appear in a few days.

Read a statement from his gym here:

The death of Marek, our fighter and friend, we are huge.

Marks first time fighting in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament and won the gold medal. Enjoying with their victories and waiting on the medal on decorations, suddenly fainted. He was given medical attention immediately. Despite the effort failed to save him.

Marek was survived by his wife with two kids. Had a family. Due to the departure of the host, and the family in a difficult financial situation.

We as martial arts environment, we need to unite and support them.


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