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The evolution of Paige VanZant into a global superstar has only just begun, and if latest reports are anything to go by, then the young starlet is truly set for a massive future.

Speaking to FOX, VanZant's manager, Mike Roberts of MMA Inc., revealed that the UFC's new "it" girl was in preliminary talks with the WWE in regards to having a cameo appearance at this years SummerSlam event on Aug. 21 in New York.

The news is hardly surprising when you consider the meteoric rise of VanZant since her UFC debut. The 22-year-old has been competing in mixed martial arts for four years, and although she has yet to headline a UFC event or garner a title shot, there's no denying that she is one of the MMA promotion's biggest stars.

A fan favorite, Paige's reputation was furthered bolstered thanks to her participation on ABC's Dancing With The Stars. Earning countless perfect-scoring rounds and dancing her way into the hearts of millions of Americans, VanZant was able to introduce an entirely new audience to the world of MMA, returning to the UFC with thousands of new "FanZants."

With a role already confirmed in the upcoming "Kickboxer: Retaliation" sequel alongside the legendary Jean Claude Van Damme, it wasn't long until her commercial appeal started to catch the attention of the WWE.

Vince McMahon's wrestling empire and the UFC have already worked together in the past. Back in 2015 Ronda Rousey was granted a one-off cameo role to appear alongside global superstar Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at WrestleMania 31. The favor was soon returned with McMahon recently agreeing to allow Brock Lesnar to appear in a one-off MMA match at the UFC's landmark 200 card.

With Lesnar already confirmed to take on Mark Hunt on July 9 before heading back to the WWE for SummerSlam, it's easy to imagine that Dana White and the UFC will once again return the favor with VanZant... and Rousey, apparently.

Dwayne Johnson & Rousey at Wrestlemania 31
Dwayne Johnson & Rousey at Wrestlemania 31

Paige also intends to return to the Octagon as soon as possible. The strawweight star has went on record to confirm that she would like to return sooner, rather than later to the UFC. However, a bout is yet to be confirmed for her return. Let's hope it's soon.


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