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Ryan Matsunaga

Luke Harper is currently sidelined from the WWE due to a knee injury he sustained in March. He isn't about to spend six months on his couch, though, and has lined up a role in an upcoming horror movie.

Harper has been cast in a film called Mohawk, which follows a young Native American woman who finds herself in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse against soldiers led by a man named Colonel Holt. In an interesting twist though, an element of the supernatural will apparently somehow factor into the story.

No word yet on who exactly Luke will play in the movie, although it seems likely that he'll portray one of the soldiers under the command of the Colonel. He certainly looks the part, I mean, come on:

Filming on Mohawk will begin this week, with a release date to be announced soon. It will be directed by Ted Geoghegan, who previously helmed the 2015 horror movie We Are Still Here.

News via The Wrap.


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