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Brock Lesnar is making a shocking return to the UFC this summer, for what he says will be a one-time-only fight.

The news broke of his return during the UFC199 prelims, and Monday he revealed on ESPN that he'll be fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200.

Lesnar also has sat down with his longtime friend and business partner, Paul Heyman, to talk about his return, the drive behind it and how he sees it unfolding.

When asked why he is making his return he simply said, "because I want to, that's why."

Good enough reason, I suppose.

He also said that he called Dana White for the fight, and not the other way around.

"When I left the UFC, I didn't get to leave on my terms," he continued. "I want to be inside the octagon again and I want to be inside the octagon healthy."

Lesnar battled diverticulitis during his time in the UFC and was sidelined due to the disease.

"I believe I wasn't the man I needed to be, I was faking it," he said. He went on to say that he faked being healthy and UFC 200 will be the first time anyone will see him fighting truly healthy.

"All I know is life is about timing," he said. "And the timing on this for me, feels right."

He said he feels great and is ready to make this happen. He says he will be doing a full camp and is hiring coaches and training partners. He also said he will be working with coach Marty Morgan.

"I'm 100 percent all in," he said. "It wasn't a hard decision."


Who do you have winning this UFC 200 match-up?


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