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Actor Will Smith and boxer Lennox Lewis have been revealed as two of the eight pallbearers for Muhammad Ali's funeral later this week, according to the New York Post.

Smith is well known for playing the legendary boxer in the movie ALI. He was nominated as Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Oscars for his portrayal of the legendary boxer.

Lewis is a former world heavyweight champion, and released a statement shortly after learning of the champ's death.

Words cannot begin to describe the loss we all face in the passing of one of the greatest citizens this world has ever known. Boxing has lost its greatest ambassador and the world has lost one of its greatest voices.
Today, we stand far removed from his battles in the ring, but we will never be able to stand far away from the benefits of his battles against discrimination, oppression, hunger and human rights, in America, and around the world.
His courage to stand up for his beliefs, his people, and his convictions, at a time, in American history, when a messenger like him was sorely needed, separates him from the rest.
Ali fought battles that I will never know, so those that came after him, would never have to. He paved the way for the success of ALL of today’s sports superstars and instilled a sense of pride and responsibility inside of me, and generations of youth, around the world.
He was my source of inspiration, and along with my other hero, Nelson Mandela, served as a shining example of grace, dignity, and courage, through a lifetime of service to others. Those who would question his greatness have no understanding of the technical brilliance he brought into the ring, the courage he displayed outside of it, the voice he gave to the voiceless, or the risk he faced in order to do so.
Because of Ali, the sport of boxing has given many, including myself, more than they could ever dream of. Ali gave to the sport of boxing, more than it could ever repay!
My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the Ali family at this extremely difficult time. We share in your loss, our hearts grieve with your hearts, and our love is here for you to lean on.

In addition to Lewis and Smith is Jerry Ellis, brother of Jimmy Ellis, who was Ali’s former sparring partner and a former world heavyweight champion.

The remaining five pallbearers will be made up of cousins John Grady and Jan Wadell, nephew Ibn Ali, former brother-in-law Komawi Ali and family friend John Ramsey, according to a family spokesperson.

The funeral is set to take place in Louisville, KY at 2 p.m. on Friday.


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