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One could argue that every movie a professional wrestler appears in is a horror movie. But we're not going to do that. We're better than that.

There really is no such thing as a bad horror movie or a bad professional wrestler. Put them both together and you have movie magic to make Elvira excited.

The WWE has always wanted to be Disney. That means expansion beyond just the wrestling matches, into everything from football, fighting and acting. Whether it is their own WWE-produced films or partnerships with outside companies, several professional wrestlers have enjoyed a level success crossing over from one form of entertainment to another.

Let's take a look at some of the wrestlers' best horror flicks.

6. Rowdy Roddy Piper: They Live

Piper was perhaps the greatest talker in the history of the wrestling business. A natural stage presence, smart, witty and hilarious, Piper emerged in the 1980s as a wrestling icon, feuding with Hulk Hogan to help build Hogan's star.

Piper was offered a role in the sci-fi horror flick They Live and delivered one of the most acclaimed performance by a professional wrestler in a movie. With his special sunglasses, Piper could see the Aliens among us.

With this role, Piper earned mad respect and cemented himself as "not just a wrestler." He also had one of Hollywood's great movie lines.

5. Jesse The Body Ventura: The Predator

Ventura was ahead of his time. He broke free from professional wrestling to achieve moderate success as an actor, largely because of his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ventura was a great talker in the ring and a great talker on the Hollywood set. As it turned out, he was a great talker in politics also. He was elected governor of Minnesota and is a mainstream political pundit and sometimes political conspiracist.

But there was also Predator...

4. The Rock: Doom

People like Ventura and Piper paved the way for a guy like The Rock to not only cross over into the mainstream, but obliterate it, like a Rock Bottom on CM Punk.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson broke away from wrestling after becoming the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. The Rock in 2015 was Hollywood's biggest box office star and appears to have movies lined up through the year 3030.

In 2005, The Rock brought this video game to life, where he battled aliens on mars and uttered lines such as "if it breathes, kill it." He is Hollywood's biggest action star and it started with movies like this one.

3. Goldberg: Santa's Slay

To think, Bill Goldberg enjoyed that incredible undefeated streak in pro wrestling, and pinning Hulk Hogan in the Georgia Dome, so that it could lead to this.

This film makes anything done by Hulk Hogan look like a masterpiece. Goldberg is Santa, who in this version of Christmas, is the devil's son, who was only the nice Santa all those years because he lost a bet with an angel.

The bet's off and Goldberg decides to kill people. This movie doesn't work, and neither does Goldberg. Best part of the scene below is Fran Drescher.

2. Triple H: Blade: Trinity

Triple H starred in this 2004 film, where he gets to beat up by Ryan Reynolds, which works for me.

"Trips" plays a vampire part of a group of vampires looking for the resting place of, yep, Dracula. If I am watching a Dracula film, this is the ONLY ONE worth watching, by the way (Susan St. James):

1. Kane: See No Evil

If there were ever a wrestling character who matched his movie persona, this would be it.

Kane is the hideous-looking younger brother of The Undertaker, burned in a fire, forced to wear a mask to hide his face. That's his wrestling persona. In See No Evil, he is an evil killer, Jacob Goodnight, who rips people's eyes out. Not sure why or how the WWE thought this was a good idea. The WWE produced two of these See No Evil films.

Kane, or Glen Jacobs as he is known in real life, played the role masterfully. He is a legitimately scary man, even without the mask and makeup. Kane distanced himself from his horror movie gimmick in recent years to become "corporate Kane" in the WWE, but he can't run from who he is. Kane is scary, even when he is not stabbing people with a giant hook.


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