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Josh Molina

There's no doubt that Brock Lesnar is a beast, but as anyone with an ounce of understanding of mythology knows, beasts often get slain.

Lesnar shocked the MMA world on Monday announcing that he will step into the Octagon on July 9 to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Yes, Mark Hunt. The same Mark Hunt with fists of dynamite and a chin of granite.

Give Lesnar credit for literally fighting anyone. This is not an easy fight to pop a big PPV buy rate or a make Lesnar look good. One of these guys is getting knocked out or submitted. Bet on it.

Who will it be?

Lesnar, in so many words during his ESPN interview on Monday, said he will need to work on his stand-up and he is going to shoot for the takedown and try to get on top of Hunt. That's the challenge. Lesnar will need to avoid Hunt's power in order to take down Hunt.

The fight is impossible to predict, but we do know this: Lesnar is taking a big risk fighting Hunt. If he gets smashed, his image in the WWE could be compromised. In the WWE he's an MMA-style fighter with legit credibility. How will the WWE book him at WWE SummerSlam if Lesnar gets brutally KO'd to a guy like Hunt, who is not a title contender?

And what if Lesnar somehow defeats Hunt? What does that mean for the WWE? That's big bucks. The WWE has Lesnar under contract and they will use his UFC victory as a storyline to create great WWE business. But will Lesnar want to pursue more UFC matches?

It's a crazy world, this MMA-WWE universe. Growing up in Southern California, I remember watching local sports anchor Fred Roggin's once-a-month show footage of WWF matches from the Los Angeles Sports Arena. It was wrestling, so the most we got was about one minute of action at the very end of all the other sports.

These days professional wrestler Brock Lesnar is making announcements about his fighting career on ESPN.

Lesnar, a reputed hunter, on July 9 is about to become the HUNTed.


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