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Michael Bisping has finally been crowned UFC Middleweight Champion after 10 years with the promotion. You have heard all about him by now, but here are nine things you might not know yet.

1. He is proud of his British blood and you have probably already heard that Bisping is the first British UFC champion ever, but did you know that he was also the first English fighter to appear in a UFC main event? Check out the poster for that event here.

2. Bisping currently trains in jiu-jitsu with Brady Fink at Misfits MMA, but did you know...

3. Before he was a professional mixed martial artist, Bisping made an attempt to work in the real world and had jobs at factories, slaughterhouses and demolition companies. He took jobs as an upholsterer, postman, tiler, plasterer and salesman.

Can you image Bisping delivering your mail?

4. So, get this... Bisping is undefeated on his home turf.

As we know, this title fight was in the US, so the home field advantage was for Luke Rockhold, right? Well kinda... the Forum is on Manchester Blvd. So what right? Wait, Bisping's from Manchester England. SPOOKY! The home turf streak continues?

5. Bisping was the first non-American to win The Ultimate Fighter when he appeared on Season 3 of the show. He is also one of only eight TUF winners to win all their fights on the show (plus the final) by KO, TKO, or submission.

6. Bisping is tied with Georges St-Pierre for the most UFC wins, each with 19 under belt... pun intended.

7. Bisping is the 5th oldest UFC champion. At age 37 he comes behind Randy Couture (45), Fabrício Werdum and Anderson Silva (38) and Chuck Liddell who is also 37 when he held the belt, but two months older than Bisping.

8. Bisping is the record holder for most significant strikes landed in UFC history with 1414 strikes landed.

9. Bisping has a son, Callum, who plays football and wrestles. Could we soon be seeing another Bisping in the Octagon?

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