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Amy Kaplan

This is... AH-MAZING.

Nate Diaz posted an Instagram video of himself giving UFC President Dana White the infamous Stockton slap, and it's... glorious. I may have watched this 30 times before writing this story.


The video appears to be taken on the streets of Inglewood, CA shortly before UFC 199 which the pair attended together. The slap appears first in real time, then in slow motion on repeat set to the song "Hit 'em up" by Tupac.

It appears that this was part of the deal to get the much-debated Conor McGregor rematch deal signed, as Diaz was holding out for more money... and maybe a slap.

"Nate gave me the stockton slap and we had a done deal," White said to TMZ the day after the video was posted.

Diaz had previously said he was renegotiating the contract that had been voided due to McGregor not wanting to attend a press conference. He felt that he was due more money, and it looks like the UFC caved (if you want to believe the lyrics accompanied with the video anyways).

McGregor vs. Diaz was announced during UFC 199 and will take place in August at UFC 202.

Watch the first promo here:


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