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The 8th Wonder of the World Andre René Roussimoff is arguably the most well-known sports personality there has ever been. An icon of wrestling, film, art anything of pop culture, Andre has had some involvement in. So it came at no surprise that this great man would be getting his life turned into a biopic movie.

Andre's Early Years

Andre's life is a very interesting story to say the least, showing symptoms of his gigantism at the age of 12, reaching a height of 6'3" and a weight of 240 pounds. Nobel Prize-wining playwright Samuel Beckett was a neighbor of Andre when he was a child and drove him to school in his truck, as he was too big to fit in the school bus.

At 17, Andre moved to Paris and learned professional wrestling from a local promoter who recognized the potential for what a person of his size could earn. He trained at night and worked as a mover during the day to pay living expenses. After traveling the world (UK, Germany, Australia, Japan) Andre signed up for WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation, now known as the WWE). He was billed as Andre the Giant and was undefeated for 15 years, by pinfall or submission.

The Behind-the-Scenes Antics

Andre has had many great stories told about him. One of most iconic was when he was crowned "the greatest drunk on earth" for once drinking 156 (470 ml) beers in one sitting, which was confirmed by Dusty Rhodes. He also once drank 127 beers in a hotel bar and later passed out in the lobby. The staff could not move him and had to leave him there until he awoke.

He even has a trophy honoring him. However, I said this movie could change the Biopic genre as we know it, and you must be wondering how? It's very simple: This man has a great story and has interacted with so many other wrestlers and celebrities that I believe André The Giant could start...

The Cinematic Biopic Universe!

There are so many stories to be told about so many peoples lives and Andre could be the glue that ties them all together, and can easily get an audience for his movie. He can also tease other big names connected to him like:

Vince McMahon — The owner of the WWE.

Hulk Hogan — Iconic '80s wrestler that fought with Andre in legendary matches.

Samuel Beckett — Friend, famous playwright and Nobel Prize winner.

Roddy Piper — Another Iconic wrestler who deserves his own film.

These are just a few examples, but after some time this Biopic Universe would expand into something special. People sometimes forget that celebrities' lives cross over in interesting way, and this could make for some very intricate storytelling in future biopics to come.

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What Do You Think? Should There be A Cinematic Biopic Universe?


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