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Amy Kaplan

When you see No. 4- and No. 5-ranked fighters on the bill, you expect a bloodbath. Max Holloway seemed on board with that plan, but Ricardo Lamas was not.

The pair made it through three rounds ending in a 30-27, unanimous decision victory for the favorite, Holloway.

"I'm sorry I didn't get the finish," Holloway said in his post-fight interview.

Round 1 saw total dominance by Holloway, keeping cage control throughout. He landed more blows including a nasty spinning back kick and a barrage of punches to the face that almost dropped Lamas early in the round.

The second round was much like the first with Holloway dominating. There was a brief exchange of fists between the two that had the crowd on their feet, but no one was able to get the KO.

There was finally some life to Lamas in the third round when it appeared he knew he'd lose this fight without a finish. He wasn't able to find the finish, however, and Holloway walked away with another win.

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