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They said he should retire. They were wrong.

It wasn't the right hand that finished Hector Lombard. It was the right elbow.

Henderson rallied from nearly getting finished in the first round to knock Lombard out in spectacular fashion. After Lombard caught one of Henderson's leg kicks, Henderson loaded up and delivered a right elbow to Lombard's temple, knocking him out cold.

The crowd at the Inglewood Forum popped like Magic Johnson was on the court.

Henderson finished with two right hands to the face and Lombard's evening was done right then and there.

"I felt like I had him hurt. He caught me and knocked me on my butt. I kind of weathered the storm and regrouped the second round," Henderson said.

Henderson clearly showed that he can hang with younger top 10 fighters, but he hinted that he may end his illustrious career on a high note.

"I am not sure what is going happen," Henderson said. "We're gonna see what is gonna happen. That could have been the last one of my career."

Lombard nearly finished Henderson in the first round, catching him with a right hand. Referee Herb Dean could have stopped the fight, but Henderson may have benefited from a bit of legend's privilege. Henderson took several shots to the head and was nearly tapped out by a crucifix, but Lombard couldn't finish and Henderson broke out from the bottom.

Henderson held on for dear life to end the round. In between rounds the doctor checked Henderson, who was glossy-eyed, but was allowed to continue.

Lombard may have punched himself out in the first round. He came out tentative and Henderson, a veteran of several cage wars, took the offensive. He came out with some leg kicks, before eventually setting up the right elbow to end the fight.

After the bout, Lombard was out for several minutes on the mat.


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