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Josh Molina

Step aside, CM Punk. You ain't the next WWE guy to step inside the Octagon.

Brock Lesnar, the former UFC heavyweight champion, WWE champion, NCAA heavyweight champion and all-around genetic freak, will step inside the cage at UFC 200, the UFC announced during the UFC 199 broadcast. first reported the news earlier in the evening.

The UFC and Lesnar were apparently in serious talks for weeks.

Lesnar had sworn off the UFC, choosing last year to sign with the WWE permanently. The WWE offered more money, to work less, and not endure hellish fight camps. Lesnar brought fight credibility to the WWE and enjoyed a run as WWE champion.

But with UFC 200 near, it makes sense that the UFC would reach out to Lesnar, the star of UFC 100 and the sport's biggest mainstream persona at one time. With Conor McGregor out of UFC 200, the UFC likely went back to the well and asked the proven commodity to step in.

Lesnar on the show will fuel significant interest, bringing in the mainstream sports world and attracting the WWE audience. His possible opponent has not been named. Could Lesnar vs. Mir 3 be upon us?

Lesnar has spent the last few years in the WWE, and announced that he was retired from the UFC during an ESPN interview. He as appeared on ESPN television often, thanks to the partnership between the the WWE and ESPN.

Here he talks about UFC President Dana White:


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