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I doubt it was that big of a shock, but it's still a big honor!

Both Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor were named in ESPN's World Fame 100 list.

According to ESPN these are the 100 athletes they consider to be the most famous athletes in the world. Ben Alamar, ESPN's director of sports analytics, devised a formula that combines salary and endorsements with social media following and Google search popularity to create the ESPN World Fame 100 rankings.

Rousey ranked in the top 25, at No. 23 while McGregor trailed behind at No. 37.

ESPN reports Rousey with a salary of $3 million, endorsements of $4 million, 10.9 million Facebook likes and 2.3 million Twitter followers. They reported McGregor having a salary of just $1 million, endorsements of $3 million, 3.4 million Facebook likes and 1.4 millions Twitter followers.

I'm a little shocked that Rousey placed so high on the list as she hasn't fought at all in 2016, but perhaps ESPN took 2015 earnings when she was still the champ.

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