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Every now and then a fighter comes along and transcends the sport. Sometimes it's because of their skills (Ronda Rousey). Other times it's their ability to trash talk (Conor McGregor). Every now and then you get the total package: skills, trash talk and the looks (Georges St-Pierre).

Can Luke Rockhold be the next guy to grow bigger than the sport? That remains to be seen. He'll have to win a few UFC fights as champion and get past Michael Bisping and UFC 199. But as Rockhold gets ready to enter the cage, even with a torn MCL, let's take a look at the Next Big Thing, Rockhold, By The Numbers:

30 Rounds

Luke Rockhold has only fought in 30 rounds during his MMA career. That's the least amount -- by far -- of any UFC champion. Most of Rockhold's fights end in the first round.

12 First-Round Finishes

Rockhold has 12 first-round finishes in 17 fights. He's efficient and likes to win early. But think the way to beat Rockhold is to take him into the championship rounds? He has won both of his fights that have gone the distance, five rounds, by unanimous decision.

2 Losses, Both By Knockout

If you are trying to beat Rockhold, don't take him to the ground. You'll have to knock him out.

3 Rounds

Luke Rockhold has only lost three rounds -- maybe -- two against Ronaldo Jacare Souza and one against Tim Kennedy, according to official judges' scorecards.

9 Submissions

If Rockhold takes you to the ground, you are as good as done. At 6 feet 3 inches tall, with a 77-inch reach, he's like an octopus out there.

2 Tiger Testicles

That's the number of male parts that Rockhold grabbed (then smelled his hand) during an odd overseas trip to Thailand. See the photo here.

171,000 Twitter Followers

Luke Rockhold may have a $1 million face and Hollywood good looks, but he doesn't know how to leverage that on social media. As For UFC champions, Rockhold is only ahead of Demetrious Johnson, Stipe Miocic and Rafael Dos Anjos. Can't he at least catch Robbie Lawler? He's only 1,000 behind. Good luck catching Conor McGregor at 1.8 million.

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