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Middleweight Champ Luke Rockhold may have accidentally let something slip at the UFC press conference this week ... doh!

Rockhold, while sitting across from his opponent, admitted that he tore his MCL during fight camp.

“I’ve been dealing with a knee injury -- I’m not going to lie -- with this whole camp,” said Rockhold. “But I don’t pull out of fights. I fight through injuries; I don’t care what the circumstances are. I tore my MCL. I haven’t grappled this whole camp. I just started kicking last week.”

Now, let's think about this a minute.... WHY, OH WHY would a fighter admit to an injury, to his opponent, on camera just days before he is set to defend his belt? Yeah, I don't know either.

Usually these kinds of admissions come at the POST-fight press conference when a fighter is either boasting about how easy it was to clobber his opponent, or as an excuse to why he lost. But there's really no strategy for announcing it early. Not to mention admitting to an injury could be cause for the California State Athletic Commission to cancel the fight.

What was Rockhold thinking?!

According to his opponent, Michael Bisping, it's just an excuse in case he loses on Saturday.

“What's with the insurance policy?” Bisping said.

Rockhold didn't appreciate that and fired back with his own predictions.

“I don’t need a knee,” he said. “I don’t even need to walk. I’ll crawl in there and I’ll still whoop your ass. Watch. Come try to grapple, come try to do anything. I’ve been boxing this entire camp, and that’s all I need.”

It's unclear if the MCL injury was disclosed to the commission during the pre-fight physical. If so, Rockhold's admission would have no impact on the fight, but if he did not disclose the injury it is possible that the commission will have to intervene.

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