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Tony Bellew, the pro boxer that played Ricky Conlan in Creed, has just won the WBC Cruiserweight championship in real life. Next, he wants to take on David Haye.

Last weekend saw a historic moment in British boxing as Tony Bellew knocked out Ilunga Makabu to capture the WBC Cruiserweight title. Those of you that don't follow boxing but are a fan of the Rocky movies will recognise him as the antagonist from Creed. The return to the iconic franchise saw Michael B Jordan play Adonis Creed, the son of the legendary Apollo Creed. In the climax of the film, Creed battles champion Ricky Conlan portrayed by real pro boxer: Tony Bellew.

The battle of Goodison Park had all of the drama of the climactic fight between Conlan and Creed. Ultimately, life imitated art and Bellew became the new world champion. Bellew was able to come back from a knock-down in the inaugural round to dominate the bout. In the third round, Bellew rocked the champion, saw his moment and let fly. He was landing some huge shots, while all Makabu could do was try and survive. However, it was too much for him and a murderous left hook from the Liverpool native brought an end to his reign.

Just days after capturing the Cruiserweight title, the new champion is looking to further increase his stock as he is now picking a fight with David Haye. Tony has had some strong words for 'The Haymaker' in interviews, claiming that he wants to be the man to "Shut him up". He has said that David Haye is "conning the British public" by taking set-up fights.

Despite Bellew insisting that Haye is a has-been, it is clear to see that the reason he wants this fight is because of the mainstream attention it would bring him. Haye is among the British professional boxers to find fame amongst non-boxing fans and regardless of the outcome a match with him could elevate the new champion's exposure.

I have to say, this would be a very interesting bout. Both fighters are very charismatic and like to talk a big game. As can be seen in the interview with Sky Sports, Tony is a great talker with the ability to sell a fight, this would make for an exciting build up. Also, there is no question that there would be fireworks between these two when the bell rings.

Haye has recently responded to the call-out saying that he is game to take on the new Cruiserweight champ. It's on.


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