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Hector Lombard, 38, has had seven fights in the UFC, three of which he lost, and one no-contest because he tested positive for the use of anabolic steroids.

Dan Henderson, 45, is a guy with 16 UFC fights, 18 PRIDE fights, and is regarded as an MMA legend.

So what do you get when combine these two fighters? You might think a lot of respect from Lombard. Nah, instead a lot of trash talking, and probably Henderson countering with some big words.

Lombard told MMA Junkie recently that when he trained at Henderson's Temecula, California gym that Henderson snubbed him. We're back to high school, I guess.

β€œHe never gave a (expletive) about me,” Lombard said on MMAjunkie Radio. β€œI went there, and he never talked to me, so I was like, 'OK, no worries.' And the week after, I made a move.”

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Henderson countered with the old you're-overthinking-it routine. Henderson said he wasn't at the gym much when Lombard was there and he didn't pay much attention to him one or the other. He also said it was Lombard who was out of line.

Henderson told Lombard would seek out smaller guys.

"He was a little bit of a bully in the room and a lot of the guys didn't like him because he'd kind of go extra hard on guys that he was a lot better than or bigger than," Henderson said.

Both guys need a victory Saturday night at UFC 199. Henderson is looking at retirement after a string of losses in six out of eight fights. Lombard, a former Bellator superstar, has had a rough UFC run, going 3-3, with one no-contest because of the drug test.

Punches instead of words will fly on Saturday.

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