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Amy Kaplan

Are you holding your breath for a Ronda Rousey return this November? Well let it out, she's not fighting ... once again.

Will she or won't she has been settled. According to Dana White, who spoke to SportsCenter on Thursday, she won't.

The former champion, who hasn't fought since her shocking loss to Holly Holm back in Nov. 2015, has apparently undergone "routine" knee surgery. Um, is that even a thing?

"She actually just had surgery yesterday on her knee," White said. "Nothing serious, just get in there, scope it and clean it out a little bit. She feels great. Her spirits are great. She's been training."

If you haven't seen it yet, you can see Ronda's recent training session HERE. Knee surgery is no joke so I wish her a speedy recovery!

This isn't the first time we've thought Rousey would return to the Octagon. She was rumored to return at UFC 200, but was pushed back due to previous commitments. Now, the expected November return is pushed back as well.

One thing we do know is that when she does return she will get an immediate title shot, no matter who the current champ is.

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