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Erik Fontanez

The armbar is a beautiful thing.

Rafael dos Anjos knows a bit about that kind of submission. After all, it was that move that earned him his first win outside of his native country of Brazil.

On this date, June 1, in 2008, dos Anjos fought Takaichi Hirayama in Japan at Pancrase - Shining 5. It didn't take long for RDA to show his Japanese opponent that he knows a little bit about jiu-jitsu.

Dos Anjos worked a kimura from his back before Hirayama tried to roll out of it. Unfortunately for the defending fighter, he rolled right into a perfect position for RDA to lock on the armbar, forcing the tap at just 1:25 into the first round.

The folks at the @MMAHistoryToday Twitter account remind us on a regular basis what kind of awesome things have happened on a given date. Today this was their contribution.

Check out the footage of RDA's armbar below.


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