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Josh Molina

This is not a good sign for Urijah Faber. Or maybe it is?

UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz is whispering about a fight with, you guessed it, Conor McGregor or ... Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

Cruz told Marcos Villagas from FightHubTV that he would be up for a super fight.

"I wonder if anyone asked McGregor about me. I'm interested in getting people asking questions about me ... I got no problem with superfights with any of those guys," Cruz said of Mayweather and McGregor. "They'd have a hard time catching me, they'd have a harder time hitting me and a harder time stopping my take downs. I'm a problem for anybody."

Cruz will defend his title against Faber this Saturday night at UFC 199 Saturday at the Forum in Inglewood, California. It's the rubber match for the fighters. Faber won the first fight, Cruz the second.

The two don't like each other and both think the other guy talks too much trash. Cruz has pretty much blown off Faber as a legitimate challenge, while Faber says Cruz is overrated and injury prone.

Cruz is so confident that he will win that he's talking about future battles. Check out the full interview with Cruz below.


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