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Amy Kaplan

These UFC Embedded videos are the best! And we have our first installment for UFC 199.

The video series begins with Dominick Cruz training at Alliance with Cat Zingano. The crew then follows Cruz home where he plays with his dog and ... his swords. According to Cruz he has swords all over his house to protect him.

Um, I doubt he needs the weapons when he has his own dangerous hands!

Up next we see Cruz's opponent, Urijah Faber, doing drills and lightly sparring with his teammates at the gym. He talks about feeling relaxed ahead of his fight with Cruz.

Next they follow Faber to the river where he is seen on a boat fishing with Chad Mendes and Clay Guida (who forgot his pole). The group is seen trying to catch a fish for dinner.

Then we are in Michael Bisping's posh kitchen, where his wife is seen prepping a meal for him.

He is seen unpacking a gargantuan box filled with whey protein powder bags which could explain THIS.

We then take a ride with the Bisping family, as he ribs his wife about turning into a "OC Housewife," as they pick up their son from school.

The boy hilariously picks his dad's challenger, Luke Rockhold, to win.

Next we take a look as the current middleweight champ as he attends his last day of sparring. He's seen exchanging jabs with Cain Velasquez, who praises Rockhold's talents.

Next we seen Rockhold at home with his nutritionist, Daniel Leith, but it's not that interaction that is of any interest. Rockhold is sitting at his kitchen table cutting a phallic cloth stencil to place on the back of his friend who is sleeping outside in sun.

I cannot wait to see the next video. I hope there's an update on the prank ...


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