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After months of media tours, an interim championship bout and postponed fight, the Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo finally met under the hallowed lights of the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. What happened next will go down in history as one of the most jaw dropping moments in UFC history. The Notorious one stunned the MMA world when he knocked out Jose Aldo in a mere 13 seconds at UFC 194.

Since that infamous event, a lot of noise has been coming from the featherweight division. Ever since McGregor ran through the division capturing the title, the fans have been shouting for one thing, a title defense. And one name keeps coming up again and again: Franke Edgar.

Many fans have accused Conor McGregor of ducking Frankie Edgar. They claim that the fight is a bad match up for McGregor, with Frankie's rushing style and ground game perhaps being two deciding factors if the pair ever meet in the octagon. Although Frankie Edgar has to get through Jose Aldo first, the idea that McGregor is ducking 'The Answer' from New Jersey is pretty much false.

Frankie 'The Answer' Edgar
Frankie 'The Answer' Edgar

If there's one thing Conor McGregor loves, it's fighting. We tend to forget just how active Conor McGregor has been since his debut in the UFC. With a consistent track record of taking on any fight sent forward to him, McGregor took on his biggest challenge to date when he stepped up not one but two weight classes to take on Nate Diaz. Of course, the end result wasn't exactly how the Irish man imagined it would be.

Following his defeat at UFC 196, fans once again started to shout for McGregor to return to the featherweight division and defend his belt against Franke Edgar or Jose Aldo. At first it looked like a possibility, but as always Conor McGregor had his own ideas. Obsessed with a rematch and chance for vengeance, McGregor has finally revealed why he isn't heading back to the featherweight division just yet.

"It was my idea. I wanted to have my revenge at 170, and they're crying and complaining about the 145-pound belt, which I just won three months ago. That division was killed, it was dead. Jose went down in 13 seconds. What more can I do? I travelled the world with that man. I finally got him in the Octagon, and he only lasts 13 seconds."

Y'see, Conor McGregor doesn't see any challenges left for him in the division in which he is king. A comment that will surely grate Frankie Edgar and co the wrong way. McGregor hasn't hidden the fact that his mind is solely fixed on a rematch with Diaz at 170 pounds, and the Dubliner confirmed that to ESPN.

"I didn't see a challenge there any more. So, I wanted to create interest from a fan's perspective and my perspective. I want to see them two go at it, with an interim belt on the line. Then I will see people walking around my division with a belt and that will intrigue me. It will make me want that belt again."

Conor McGregor's meteoric rise to becoming the featherweight champion has been a real love or hate affair. Adored by many, the Irishman is equally loathed by many. A divisive figure for sure, many fans want McGregor to return to the featherweight division to give Frankie Edgar a shot at the title. And it's hard to argue against that.

Since losing to Jose Aldo in a closely fought title match, "The Answer" has more than cemented his claim as the number one contender in the division. With five wins on the trot, Frankie Edgar also boasts finishes over Chad Mendes, B.J. Penn and Cub Swanson.

So, the real question for you fight fans. Is it time for Conor McGregor to give Frankie Edgar or another featherweight their shot at the title? Or should he focus on getting his revenge against Nate Diaz at 170 pounds first? Let us know in the comments!


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